Waylay is announcing today that it is partnering with Arm to integrate its IoT automation framework with the Arm® Pelion™ IoT platform.

Enterprises starting out with IoT projects need to overcome a series of initial challenges to get to a point where they have a fully functional IoT solution in place, with connected devices and collected data. The Arm Pelion IoT platform is a powerful, secure and flexible IoT device, connectivity and data management platform that forms the solid foundation that IoT solutions need. The platform enables businesses to connect and provision IoT devices, perform remote firmware upgrades and capture IoT data.

Once this foundation is safely in place, enterprises recognise the need to make their IoT solution operational so that it works in conjunction with the organisation’s line of business applications. Waylay is a state of the art IoT automation and analytics platform that provides a complete toolset to help organisations close the gap between IoT and IT and enable different stakeholders to benefit from IoT data & insights.

Customers can now benefit from Waylay’s advanced automation capabilities that are integrated with Arm Pelion Device Management

The Pelion IoT platform and the Waylay IoT automation platform cover the entire range of capabilities that businesses need to accelerate innovation velocity, decrease operational costs and ultimately achieve a better return on their IoT investments.

There are already a number of use cases that customers have shown interest in, where the Pelion IoT platform and Waylay work together at solving specific challenges at all levels of the IoT stack.

For example, device battery usage measurements as registered in Pelion Device Management can be at the same time used in Waylay to predict when the battery needs to be replaced.

“We believe that businesses that are ready to start and scale their IoT projects will be very interested in what Arm and Waylay have to offer together because it enables them to solve a complete set of challenges from the get-go and therefore accelerate time to value as compared to other alternatives,” said Piet Vandaele, CEO and co-founder of Waylay.

Also, when a new device registers in Pelion Device Management, customers can use Waylay to have their ERP and asset management systems immediately updated, without any human intervention. Machine errors as tracked and reported in Pelion Device Management can be used to create automated orders for new parts or replacement schedules via Waylay.

“Automation is becoming increasingly important in simplifying the onboarding, updating and reporting of IoT devices needed to scale IoT deployments,” said Chris Porthouse, vice president product and operations, IoT Services Group, Arm. “Through our partnership with Waylay, we offer our customers access to a powerful and easy to use automation framework for data processing, business rule management, workflow orchestration and third party integration.“