Waylay’s Zero-Code Provisioning Portal Streamlines Retro-Fitting Installation Procedures

IoT automation and analytics software company Waylay today announced its new industry first zero-code provisioning portal based on digital twins of equipment for time efficient retro-fitting of legacy assets.

In an ideal world, all equipment would be connected. In reality, millions of legacy machines are locked out of Industry 4.0 solutions because of the prohibitive cost of retro-fitting them. Hence accessorizing equipment with connected sensors is required to unleash the full potential of collected IoT data, to optimize performance with preventive and predictive maintenance and to create new outcome-based service models. Waylay provides the industry first zero-code provisioning portal with digital twin creation to address this global problem.

When retro-fitting equipment, field technicians should install the sensors, pair them, add machine-specific settings and register customer specific requirements, such as threshold settings, notifications, contact data, alarm flows, etc. The often under-highlighted problems of retro-fitting are on-site complexities that maintenance crews discover during installation – zero touch activation is still a fantasy. A traditional spreadsheet based installation approach often suffers from incomplete provisioning data and manual editing errors and requires in-depth training for the field crew, slowing down roll-out plans.

Watch product manager Tom Van Leeuwen explain and demo the new provisioning portal in our October software release (start at 32:16 for the technician provisioning portal)

Zero-code provisioning portal automatically initiates Digital Twins

The Waylay zero-code provisioning portal guarantees a quick, flexible and complete installation process. Its creation is based on resource configuration settings that auto-populate the required input fields, no programming is required. It drastically simplifies the provisioning process whilst enforcing that all mandatory information is provided before the installation process can be completed. Specific settings such as information that associates sensors to physical equipment can be entered from any end user device, smartphone or tablet. The digital twin – the software equivalent of equipment with its sensor data and analytics – will be initialized automatically and will align with the pre-configured automation rules in the Waylay automation platform for monitoring and optimizing the newly connected asset.

Screenshot Waylay provisioning portal

“Waylay takes the organizational nightmare out of the time consuming retro-fitting process, our zero-code provisioning portal transforms installation processes, pairing and completion of customer or equipment-specific settings becomes a time efficient exercise.”
Piet Vandaele, CEO

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