Asset Performance 4.0

Meet Waylay at Asset Performance where we will show you how to create Predictive Maintenance apps with Waylay Digital Twin

Asset Performance is a hybrid conference that features talks about Digital Transformation, Asset Management and Emerging Technologies

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Oct 26
October 28, 2021 4:30
Online or in person in Antwerp

Meet Waylay at Asset Performance, Waylay will have a dedicated booth where we will show you how to create Predictive Maintenance apps with Waylay Digital Twin. Join us there we would love to show how you can increase the performance of your asset and maintain them efficiently and effortlessly with our no-code solution.

Waylay offers a powerful hyperautomation platform to manage the digital transformation complexities in the telecommunications industry, accelerate service agility in OSS/BSS provisioning and achieve service scale with its no-code, low-code solution for communications service providers (CSPs).

Digital Transformation in the OSS/BSS Space:

A Pragmatic Approach

Mihai Fagadar-Cosma

Read “Digital Transformation in the OSS/BSS Space,” by Mihai Fagadar-Cosma, CTO for EMEA at Waylay, who shares how CSPs can take full control of their digital transformation journey, reduce the time-to-market, empower their subject matter experts, strengthen the bridge between engineering and IT domains, and more.

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What Happened to Digital Transformation in the Telecommunications Industry?

Read this paper for a deep dive into telecom transformation, separating the myths from the truths and tying knowledge into action for companies to deliver enhanced digital services leading to providing the best digital experiences to customers.

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Attend the Online
Automation Live Event:

Telecom 2030 - A NewApproach to Telco Automation- OSS/BSS Automation

Save the Date: 26 October 2022

Attend a live panel discussion with global telco experts from Waylay, leading CSPs and industry influencers who will debate and discuss the new era of telco modernization through the lens of hyperautomation. FREE TO ATTEND.

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