Unicon - The Enterprise Automation Rock Stars event of 2021

A convergence of innovators, creators and investors at the centre of the low code automation debate.

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Jun 23
June 23, 2021 18:00

Waylay IO is delighted to announce the inaugural Unicon conference. Unicon will be a virtual event. Our aim is to put founders and innovators at the center of the debate, our themes and topics are aimed to assist innovators to effectively build and create great companies.  

From multinationals to emergent startups, companies are developing and deploying digital  services at an unmatched pace. Low Code Automation is redefining the digital innovation process to such an extent that the companies of the future will be built almost exclusively on the principles of Enterprise application automation everywhere. Globally, we are at the beginning of a radical shift to a Severless automation centric world which will be a boon for everyone that jumps on board early. 

What will the event cover? 

Unicon will debate questions such as, what will the companies of 2025 look like? Are we moving to a world of Total Automation? How will this impact our society? Is Low Code/No Code tech the future of automation? Where do we draw the line between simplicity and eventual complexity with this new cloud paradigm? Is open source the saviour of multi-cloud strategy?

Who will speak? 

The most influential players in the automation community together with top Investors, Serverless Heroes, Low Code influencers and leading tech entrepreneurs including: Andy Boyd, Founder of Bramalea Partners, Jacob Smith, Co-Founder of Packet, Alex Ellis, Founder of OpenFaas, Michael Hausenblas, Principal Open Source Technologist AWS, and many more.

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