Waylay NLP Hackathon

The Waylay NLP Hackathon is the first Hackathon of its kind. We are calling everybody who enjoys experiencing cutting-edge technologies to join our virtual Hackathon and put their skills to the test. The theme of our Hackathon will be NLP and IoT.

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Mar 23
April 14, 2022 18:00
Online-on Goldcast

Introducing the Waylay NLP IoT Hackathon

We know that's mouthful, but it's also the very first Hackathon of it's kind and we are super excited to share it with you! Our virtual Hackathon will be around the NLP theme.

No-code sounds fun how about No-computer? We love the idea of not having to mess with code, Waylay makes it possible to add code with nothing but your voice!

You will have the opportunity to use the Waylay IO platform to create powerful automations and applications using NLP and Waylay IO.

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