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Belgium & the Netherlands

Making complex technology simple

Making complex technology simple. That is MCS’ mission. This way, everyone can use innovative IIoT solutions carefree. Since 1997 MCS has specialized in Managed IIoT devices and customized Private IoT Networks (GSM/LTE/5G/LoRaWAN/NB-IoT). By working together with carefully selected partners, MCS supports them in setting up and delivering successful Managed IoT solutions and Private IIoT Networks.

About the Waylay partnership

Our Partnership with Waylay started in 2017. MCS is supplying IIoT hardware (based on LPWan or mobile networks) to a great number of system integrators in all kind of different verticals. The need to show Proof of Concepts, rather than only supplying hardware was big. Therefore we needed a flexible, but also easy scalable IoT application platform. Since then MCS has adapted the Waylay technology. Under the name 'ITalks IoT suite' MCS is pushing Waylay technology, leading to a great number of happy MCS partners making all kind of different IoT applications (like Smart Building, Smart Energy, Smart infra) using the ITalks IoT Suite.  It helped us a lot in growing our IoT business.