ProQuest Consulting

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Australia & New Zealand

Efficient and automated customer service and field service management with the help of digital twin monitoring.

ProQuest Consulting is one of Australia's leading Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partners.

We've made it our mission to get the most out of Salesforce and deliver transformative outcomes for our clients. We use disciplined agile methodologies and rigorous project execution to bring our customers' vision to life. Our process has proven itself time and again, and has helped hundreds of happy clients achieve their goals.

We specialize in Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, and Public Sector industries, bringing our expertise on sales optimization, omni-channel customer service excellence and field service execution, to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

About the Waylay partnership

ProQuest has years of experience helping companies maximize their efficiency in the execution of their reactive and preventive maintenance.
With WayLay, our customers can take their ambitions to the next level. By tracking their asset digital twins directly from Salesforce, process automation allows them to take actions on failures even before they get noticed. For us, it's the natural extension of the work we've been doing over the last 8 years with companies performing on-site duties.

ProQuest Industries

ProQuest has its expertise in Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities and the Public Sector.