Detect, predict, & prevent anomalies and wasteful patterns

Leverage streaming and time series analytics within the same collaborative intelligence platform.

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Operationalize your analytics

Tap into the rich potential of your asset and process data with easy operational deployment for stream, time series and ML analytics.

Stream analytics

Automatically transform raw sensor data into relevant business metrics, in real-time.

Time series analytics

Analyze historical records of asset metrics, to uncover patterns and predict future behavior.

Host your trained ML model

Bring your own machine learning models and put them to work in the low-code Waylay platform.

Stream analytics

Amplify your team’s proven domain expertise across trillions of live data points. Waylay's automation technology provides a low-code approach to apply expert knowledge and heuristics across large sets of data aimed at subject matter experts, non-data experts, and power business users.

Monitoring the water level of rivers

Processing single metrics or formula processing of several data points, from water pumps and other sensors, to assess the water level of rivers in real time and send early flood hazard notifications to operators.

Monitoring the energy consumption of buildings

Multivariate analysis of energy consumption data, from appliances and HVAC equipment, that is stored in the Waylay time series database. The data is used for modelling energy consumption baselines at each building site in order to improve anomaly-based energy use alerts.

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Time series analytics

Leverage state-of-the-art algorithms to learn new insights from your big data.

Waylay’s time series analytics supports state-of-the-art statistical modelling algorithms, with the unique capability to automatically select the best models for a given training set. Aimed at subject matter experts, data & non-data experts.

Host your trained ML model

Bring your own machine learning models and put them to work in the low-code Waylay platform.

Waylay's automation technology provides a low-code approach to host your trained model or interface with your ML framework of choice. Aimed at data scientists and data engineers.

Visual quality inspection of industrial assembly lines

Train a visual inspection model in TensorFlow, or another ML framework, based on assembly line camera feeds and execute it in Waylay. Executing the ML model with Waylay unlocks powerful value-added features, such as creating automation and integration workflows based on the ML model and changing the business logic at any time without having to retrain the model.

Data science services to put you on a successful data track

Our team of data engineers and data scientists can help you get started with your data strategy to ensure that you get the most business value from your data.

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