Enterprise Workflow Automation, a fusion of compliance, business rules, and ML orchestration in one platform in real-time.

Waylay's low code platform allows everyone to collaborate, build and deploy solutions in record time. Build in hours/days what used to take years.
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The right foundation to close the gap between data and information

Data ingestion, protocol and data normalization.

Make IoT data actionable:low-code rules AND Machine Learning

Integration with line of business apps: CRM, ERP, service desk, etc.

Building an Outstanding Partner Ecosystem

EPAM-PolSource is Waylay Digital Twin implementation partner for Salesforce IoT and field service solutions
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Why Waylay?

Plug-in and pre-built digital transformation platform.

Waylay is renowned as the standout Business Rules Engine (BRE) for automation in complex data transactional environments. Waylay allows you to tap into all your existing operational software systems, AI applications and connected assets with ease in a low code environment. Think of us as a companion application to all your existing assets.

Collaboration is at the heart of Waylay.

The successful completion of all projects necessitates cooperation among numerous stakeholders and departments. Waylay enables everyone to build within one visual low code environment and for the data scientist access to a Formula 1 Automation Engine.

Highest ROI in Automation.

Typical Software CAPEX Savings of 10x, Reduced Cloud Infrastructure costs, Massive OPEX savings, all starting within months of production deployment.

Utilize the full potential of AI.

At the heart of our platform lies automation OS - an operating system that fuses business rules engine, real time data and machine learning - all in one place!

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