Should you be building an automation engine or flying the plane?

More revenue. Less costs.
Citizen Developers in control.
Ride the fast lane to market.
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Waylay closes the gap between data and  information

Data Ingestion

Data ingestion, protocol and data normalization.


Make data actionable: low-code automation BYOML (bring your own ML).

IT integration

Integration with line of business apps: CRM, ERP, service desk, etc.

Building an Outstanding Partner Ecosystem

EPAM-PolSource is Waylay Digital Twin implementation partner for Salesforce IoT and field service solutions
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Why Waylay?

Plug-in and pre-built digital transformation platform.

We tap into all your existing software and hardware systems. Waylay is comfortable in any data enablement industry. We surf above all IIoT, IT-OT & SOAR Clouds! Ready-to-use for any business case!

Build your experience. Forget about coding. 

Citizen Developers are in control. Transform ideas into new business models with our low-code/no-code solution. Experiment. Execute. Validate. Repeat.

More revenue. Less costs.

Untangle money spending complexities today. Not tomorrow! Waylay offers a bigger bang for your buck. Fast.

Utilize the full potential of AI.

Have your machine learning models create real value in real use cases. No more idle ML models.
No effort, no hassle.

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Waylay Enterprise Project Timeline


Our expert team helps you assess your needs and guidance. No strings attached.

Define a use case

Get introduced to our productized use case templates for every industry or pre-built solutions.

ROI Exercise

ROI validation, project plan and implementation

Roll out to production

Ongoing success

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