A painless Digital Transformation with Waylay Enterprise

Waylay Enterprise understands enterprise challenges on their Digital Transformation journey and provides the data orchestration tools to initiate revenue generation business models from IIoT data.

We support, mentor and train customers to become self-sufficient and guarantee a high ROI for IIoT data. That is the spirit of the Citizen Developer.

OT-IT finally converge. Waylay makes the digital transformation painless.

Enterprise challenges in the digital transformation journey

Value creation through a digital transformation journey has become prominent to any business. Even the most traditional companies will have to become technology-driven at some point to become dominated by the digital paradigm.

In reality, the journey to data enablement is often overwhelming, long-winded, expensive, and requires technical acumen, organizational capabilities, and skill sets to design and implement new solutions. Companies willing to invest will notice that it is impossible to build all these capabilities inside their own organization, dealing with massive skill gaps and talent shortage, putting pressure on their IT resources, and resulting in exorbitant, long, and strenuous development cycles.

Waylay untangles complexities of digital transformation challenges that most enterprise customers face today by putting the power of IoT data in the hands of domain experts, data scientists, and business strategists. The Waylay low-code development platform is a single tool that addresses all challenges in data automation flow creation: collect data, automate, analyze and visualize in a quick and painless way.

The Citizen Developer is in the driver's seat and can create, productize and maintain new use cases. Waylay allows the data owners and key stakeholders to experiment, validate and execute new business ideas. No coding, no hassle. Waylay Enterprise will kick-start new industrial business models with little effort and minimal risk and increase innovation velocity. Fast, efficient, simple. 

Waylay Enterprise, our digital transformation solution, reconfigures established roles, identities all stakeholders involved and helps enterprises to create a culture that embraces innovation and change by empowering their employees to transform ideas to revenue-generating business models.

Digital transformation is no longer a challenge for the enterprise and its technology departments, it becomes a task for everybody, that is embraced by all, across all functional areas.
Waylay puts data in your hands. Simple.

Waylay Enterprise Project Timeline


Book an expert session

Use case assessment

ROI study and project proposal

Use case validation

ROI validation, project plan and implementation

Roll out to production

Ongoing success

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