All-in-one low-code automation platform!

Empower anyone to discover, understand, connect and instantly automate data securely.

Waylay pillars

The Waylay Platform is built for Enterprises to bridge their IoT and OT investments with their IT systems such as CRM and ERP. The ultra-scalable automation technology solves any challenge of your digital transformation journey.

Plug into any data source

We tap into all your existing software and hardware systems. Waylay is comfortable in any data enablement industry. We surf above all IoT, IT-OT & SOAR Clouds! Ready-to-use for any business case!

Opening the world of automation excellence

Create powerful data automations with advanced rule logic modeling. With no effort!

Drag-and-drop rule templates

Build automations in no-time via our drag-and-drop plugins, sensors and templates.

Enterprise-grade dashboarding

Visualize real-time data, analytical insights and contextual information. Customizable branding and responsive design.

Implement ML models

Deploy, host and train your machine learning models inside our Waylay platform to create real value!

Looking for an Edge Solution?

Waylay TinyAutomator helps enterprises get familiar with a superior automation and integration experience run locally!
Providing a faster, more secure and reliable connection between enterprise IoT devices and IT infrastructure.

Waylay Edge Solution

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