Just get it done!

A Low-Code Automation Platform to build applications fast, experiment with new use cases on the fly and an all round quicker deployment methodology for AI, IoT, and Data Orchestration solutions.

PoC's built in days/in production in weeks !

You have nothing to set up, nothing to manage.

Sign up now and get a $200 voucher*. The platform fee is $5 per month and pay-per-use for additional consumption.**

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Developer-friendly low-code approach

Developer-friendly Low-Code platform

Waylay IO is written by developers for developers.

Waylay IO eases the complexity of serverless and liberates developers from getting bogged down into things which have nothing to do with the problems they ought to solve.

Build your library of code snippets. Integrate any API enabled service. Waylay IO's powerful and patented automation technology orchestrates these code snippets.

Deploy ML models without tears

Deploy your machine learning models without hassle. Use a Jupyter notebook and your favourite libraries to develop models locally and upload them in Waylay IO.

Waylay IO can apply your models to all your assets or family of assets via our REST API, or the click of a button. Reuse your models for anomaly detection, prediction use cases, preventive maintenance etc.

Enter the Waylay IO journey

Get ready to bring your ideas to life, experiment with your data and create insightful new applications and business models quicker than ever before.

Try Waylay IO now and simply put your data in the spotlights.

Sign up now and get a $200 voucher. The platform fee is $5 per month and pay-per-use for additional consumption.

Just get it done!

Cloud agnostic platform

Waylay IO is built on top of open source cloud agnostic services, without dependencies on any specific cloud provider.

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