The Waylay Platform Guide

The Waylay platform provides a modular software tool-set for back-end development and operations, enabling accelerated IoT solution delivery at scale

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Waylay Platform Modules

Waylay is an intelligent data processing platform, enabling IIoT solution providers to build applications for data-intensive industries such as Industrial Automation, Machinery & OEMs, HVAC & Appliances and Energy & Buildings.

The platform is composed of modular software tools that help customers put IIoT data to better commercial use, at scale. These tools embed the platform’s main capabilities, most of which are structured around back-end development and operations: real-time IoT data processing, advanced IoT data workflow automation, IoT to IT integration, time series analytics, ML ops and IoT dashboarding.

Download this guide to better understand the major functional building blocks of the Waylay platform and how these can be packaged to respond to different specific use cases.