23 March 2021, Ghent, BELGIUM – Waylay, a leading enterprise automation software company at the forefront of digital transformation has today announced its new organizational structure, designed to facilitate the company’s strategic growth plans. Waylay will be organized around three business units: Waylay IO for the developer community and SMBs, Waylay Enterprise, and Waylay Digital Twin for Salesforce.

Waylay’s compelling product innovation together with numerous recent wins in high growth markets are strong indicators for a steep growth trajectory. The company is restructured to better address its different target markets with high growth opportunities and each business unit is well-positioned to fulfill its customers’ needs. The new structure integrates Waylay’s core competencies and builds on its winning automation, orchestration, and analytics software which makes the digital transformation painless and allows a seamless deployment from idea to working use case in just hours.

Every Waylay automation solution is low-code or no-code enabled which is intrinsic to everything Waylay does and intercepts the new megatrend of global digitalization and IoT, across all industries. Waylay’s objective to provide a single automation tool is viewed as visionary. Its unique and trusted software platform is now ready to address the requirements of its three business unit customers.

Waylay IO brings an entirely new low-code business model to the developer community. It allows developers to build automation flows and use cases in no time. Its developer-friendly environment, backed by an engaged community creates the perfect setting to bring ideas to life, experiment with data, and create insightful new applications and business models quicker than ever before.

Waylay Enterprise provides a proven cloud-agnostic solution to OT-IT unification. Its Citizen developer approach endorses innovation velocity and puts the value of data in the hands of domain experts, data scientists, and corporate tiger teams to initiate new revenue streams and guarantee high ROI for IoT data, without going through lengthy software development cycles. Waylay commits to supporting enterprises by simplifying their complex digital transformation journey when OT-IT finally converge.

Waylay Digital Twin is a no-code Salesforce solution that connects IoT to Salesforce and boosts the visibility of data, health and performance metrics for connected assets. Salesforce users can configure asset monitoring based on the business context, create new condition-based and predictive maintenance use cases, optimize remote operations and leverage asset data for consumption-based business models. Waylay Digital Twin is available on Salesforce AppExchange.

“Our motivation to create the new business units was fuelled by our growth strategy to address the different market segments that can benefit from our automation technology,” said Leonard Donnelly, CEO of Waylay. “The three product offers have the same trailblazing Waylay data automation and orchestration engine under the hood. Adding diversified business units to optimize product development, sales and support eliminates a monolithic market approach in favor of our company goals to serve our customers in the most effective way. We offer our technology across all industries; our three new distinct business models each provide a satisfactory low-code or no-code solution for IoT data owners that do not have the time, nor the resources to create new automation flows in-house, in a traditional software development model.”

Learn more about Waylay’s new structure at www.waylay.io and select the product offer that fits your needs.