Pumps and Valves & Maintenance 2022

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Mar 23
March 24, 2022 17:00

This was a joint event between pumps and valves and maintenance, Waylay was on display at the Yokogawa booth and Inetum Realdomen.

Waylays rule engine was powering the Yokogawa Industry 4.0 demonstrator with proactive monitoring rules to detect anomalies in the data coming from IoT sensors like Yokogawa (SUSHI) and valve position sensors from Aloxy. The Waylay Dashboard is showing pump performance, cavitation detection, filter fouling, engine power consumption etc. Want to learn more?

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Waylay appeared in another great booth from our colleagues at Inetum-Real Dolmen showed how Waylay Digital Twin for Salesforce complements Inetum - Real Dolmen RIMSES for asset maintenance and field service. Waylays Digital Twin solution provides support and maintenance engineers the right information at the right time to guarantee maximum uptime of installations and machines. With it’s no-code approach to predictive maintenance, support and maintenance engineers don’t need development skills to create and deploy predictive monitoring rules on their assets.

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