Pumps and Valves & Maintenance 2022

Waylay attended Pumps and Valves & Maintenance 2022!

Innovation is key at Pumps & Valves. Groundbreaking technologies and developments set the tone for the future and are aimed at supporting you in your challenges.

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Mar 23
March 24, 2022 17:00

This was a joint event between pumps and valves and maintenance, Waylay was on display at the Yokogawa booth and Inetum Realdomen.

Waylays rule engine was powering the Yokogawa Industry 4.0 demonstrator with proactive monitoring rules to detect anomalies in the data coming from IoT sensors like Yokogawa (SUSHI) and valve position sensors from Aloxy. The Waylay Dashboard is showing pump performance, cavitation detection, filter fouling, engine power consumption etc. Want to learn more?

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Waylay appeared in another great booth from our colleagues at Inetum-Real Dolmen showed how Waylay Digital Twin for Salesforce complements Inetum - Real Dolmen RIMSES for asset maintenance and field service. Waylays Digital Twin solution provides support and maintenance engineers the right information at the right time to guarantee maximum uptime of installations and machines. With it’s no-code approach to predictive maintenance, support and maintenance engineers don’t need development skills to create and deploy predictive monitoring rules on their assets.

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At DTW, we will be showcasing how Waylay solves for the top initiatives of CSP in 2023:

Accomplishing a step change in efficiency and effectiveness for CSP moving to a TechCo operation.

A new approach to extending legacy OSS/BSS application capability without the onerous cost and lead time.

A rapid, yet elegant, path to AI/ML-enabled autonomous operations which avoids complex architectural reform.

How cloud native software can be used to facilitate OPEX control.

Download the White Paper, “Optimizing Service Management For Specialty Vehicles With Hyperautomation” 

In this use case, we explore service support challenges in the connected specialty vehicle market and how specialty rules for condition-based and predictive maintenance can reduce service costs and prevent downtime for specialty vehicles in industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, or ports.

Our key solution, the Waylay Digital Service Twin, is designed to facilitate and scale up the roll out of proactive service delivery for specialty vehicle types and significantly reduce the cost-of-service management without an army of IT resources.

Download this use case to learn how to manage a large set of specialty rules for specialty vehicles at scale.


Download the White Paper, “Telecom Transformation: A New Approach” 

Read this white paper for a deep dive into telecom transformation. We separate the myths from the truth by tying knowledge into action for companies to deliver enhanced telecommunications services and provide the best digital experiences to customers.


7 ways to improve field service with IIoT asset visibility


Businesses struggle to use field service in an efficient way - discover how IIoT asset visibility can improve field service in 7 ways

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Digital Transformation in the OSS/BSS Space: A Pragmatic Approach

Mihai Fagadar-Cosma

Read “Digital Transformation in the OSS/BSS Space,” by Mihai Fagadar-Cosma, CTO for EMEA at Waylay, who shares how CSPs can take full control of their digital transformation journey, reduce the time-to-market, empower their subject matter experts, strengthen the bridge between engineering and IT domains, and more.

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Service Management of Your VPP Renewable Energy Assets with Waylay Digital Twin

While VPPs offer many benefits, they also present a number of challenges in terms of service support, such as coordinating repairs, optimizing performance, ensuring security and more. By addressing these challenges with a hyperautomation platform, like Waylay, VPP operators can ensure their service organization is not overwhelmed and are able to deliver reliable and cost-effective power to the grid and their customers—performing at optimal level.

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What Happened to Digital Transformation in the Telecommunications Industry?

Read this paper for a deep dive into telecom transformation, separating the myths from the truths and tying knowledge into action for companies to deliver enhanced digital services leading to providing the best digital experiences to customers.

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2-minute Waylay Digital Twin Demo

Want to learn from the experts? Check out our latest 2-minute demo of the Waylay Digital Twin featuring our very own VP of product management, Tom Van Leeuwen!

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Automation Event:
Telecom 2030 - A NewApproach to Telco Automation- OSS/BSS Automation

Save the Date: 26 October 2022

Attend a live panel discussion with global telco experts from Waylay, leading CSPs and industry influencers who will debate and discuss the new era of telco modernization through the lens of hyperautomation. FREE TO ATTEND.

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Extending the lifetime of rental assets with Waylay Digital Twin

Tom Van Leeuwen

The global industrial equipment rental market is on the rise. Tom Van Leeuwen talks about the challenges and opportunities.

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The Big Book of IoT Automation

Automation is any technology that augments or replaces human capabilities in the workforce. Multiple technologies are needed to cover the entire spectrum of IoT solution development.

This eBook is for Application Developers, Enterprise Architects and Innovation Managers who are involved in building, packaging and commercialising IoT solutions.

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