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We aim for strong, long-term partnerships and put both technical and commercial resources into developing these collaborations for the success of our joint customer solutions.


Device management platforms & clouds

Once customers identify the IoT products they will be working with and the right connectivity they will need to set up, the next thing is to make sure they choose the right platform to connect their devices to in order to securely and efficiently receive their data. Whether you are a vertical or horizontal cloud platform with impeccable device onboarding features, partnering with Waylay can expand your offering with highly advanced cloud-to-cloud integration, rules engine and automation capabilities.

Manufacturers & vendors

As an appliance manufacturer & vendor, you are building and distributing the connected products of the future, quite literally providing the very things that the IoT is made up of. Your customers come to you for your connected device solution but may be also asking how to get more value out of the collected data. Partnering up with Waylay gives your customers access to a next generation data integration and automation platform that accelerates time to value.

Connectivity providers

An essential part of the IoT value chain is the connectivity that allows the smart products to send through data about themselves and about their environment. If you are a connectivity provider, your customers may seek help to get started with an IoT solution. Partnering up with Waylay enhances the time to market and technology validation of your customers’ IoT solutions.

Web & mobile agencies

An important element of an overall IoT solution is getting the user experience right. The needs of every customer are different and for every customer, the needs of each of its user groups are also different. Building a good business or consumer oriented user experience is critical to the adoption and success of IoT solutions. Waylay offers digital agencies a powerful API that can be leveraged in state-of-the-art mobile and web IoT applications.

System integrators

Whether you are a niche system integrator focussed on a particular vertical, an ERP integrator or you cover multiple verticals based on a strong technology expertise, the Internet-of-Things will impact your customers. With Waylay, you can help your customers to transition to a connected future. As a certified partner you can leverage the full suite of Waylay capabilities to integrate, automate and visualize.

Why Waylay?

Intelligent data processing platform with exceptional automation capabilities. We build the tools that you need in order to truly succeed with asset data.


Accelerates application development, cutting time to market in half.


Liberates developer resources, cutting overall IT costs and TCO.


Packed with ready-to-use blocks, yet fully open to extend & innovate.


Enterprise-grade security standards built-in from day zero.