TinyAutomator Edge Automation

TinyAutomator brings the power of Waylay automation technology to the edge, in response to the increasing global demand for edge automation solutions.

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Waylay TinyAutomator

Run locally on any low-footprint Docker-enabled devices such as a Raspberry Pi or test your solution on the laptop.

Why TinyAutomator?

What can it do?

Low-code automation at the edge.

Retrofitting legacy assets for automation enablement.

Runs locally on any Docker-enabled devices, like a Raspberry Pi or laptop.

How to get it?

Install Docker on your device.

Follow the installation instructions on our website.

Implement your automation strategy or experiment freely!

How to extend it?

TinyAutomator can be extended with external databases and dashboards such as InfluxDB or Grafana.

Couple it to a Waylay cloud offering to run ML models, manage alarms or offline analytics.

Community vs. Enterprise edition

Community edition

  • Console, inference engine, resource service  
  • Serverless sandbox
  • Free version
Free Download

Enterprise edition

  • Extra Security
  • Additional Encryption services
  • Additional Services e.g. broker pub/sub channels and payload converter
  • License version
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