Waylay has joined the AWS Marketplace to help enterprises with automating their digital transformation projects to materially improve their business operations.

Ghent, Belgium – June 6, 2023: Waylay, a leading provider of hyperautomation solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with AWS Marketplace and making the Waylay Enterprise Platform readily available to customers on the AWS. This collaboration between Waylay and AWS marks a significant milestone in Waylay’s journey to empower businesses as the first company in the world to enable ML, business rules, compliance workflows to be fused in real-time for high volume transactional environments in a easy-to-use low code environment where product owners and software architects build solutions together. 

“We are thrilled that our Enterprise Platform is on the AWS Marketplace,” said Leonard Donnelly, CEO of Waylay. “This collaboration marks a significant moment for Waylay as we join forces with AWS to deliver our state of the art hyperautomation solutions to a wider audience. What is really important is for the very biggest companies in the world they can now be unshackled from traditional approach software integration projects. Going forward, they can now bypass the slow approach and build a diverse array of workflow orchestrations solutions built in hours/days and not years.“

To learn more about the Waylay Enterprise Platform, visit the AWS Marketplace or Waylay.io.

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