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The Waylay Community is a place where you can meet and connect with fellow low-code enthusiasts, contribute to Waylay IO and find the latest news about Waylay IO.

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A Low-Code Automation Platform to build applications fast, experiment with new use cases on the fly and an all round quicker deployment methodology for AI, IIoT, and Data Orchestration solutions.

PoC's built in days, in production in weeks !

You have nothing to set up, nothing to manage.

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Waylay Community Forum

A way to express yourself

The Waylay Community forum is your gateway to express your thoughts and connect with fellow Waylay Community users.

Provide feedback, report bugs, ask questions, receive support and so much more through the Waylay Community forum.


Waylay IO is based on a consumption model and there is also a 25$ flat subscription fee per month. You are not charged for idle models.

You can use our calculator to determine how much your Waylay account will cost /month.
Go to our pricing calculator*

*Best effort SLA **Only Community forum support
*** Load limitation is 120 requests per minute, including API calls such as querying data, alarms, assets or sending and retrieving messages etc.

Watch the latest IO developments on our Github page

Check out our github page where you can see demo resources, sensor implementation, system design and more.

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