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Waylay NLP IoT Hackathon

Where NLP meets industry 4.0

Our Hackathon is over. Try the next one!

Waylay NLP is an Artificial Intelligence model developed by Waylay. It parses natural language and generates automation scenarios in response.

We are very pleased to announce that we will be organising the first NLP IoT automation event followed by the Hackathon! Our virtual Hackathon will be around NLP and automation. Each team will get a Waylay mentor.

The event will run from March 23rd until 5:00pm CET until April 6 6:00PM. The judges will assess the applications for 1 week until April 14th 6:00PM.

Everybody will get the chance the play around with cutting edge technology. You don't have to be an expert to join, the Hackathon is about hacking the Waylay tech while also having fun!

Gather your team and get hacking!

What's there to win?

An opportunity to attend a really cool event, connect and compete with fellow NLP enthusiasts and of course win awesome prizes! Just by participating you will receive Waylay stickers, socks and T-shirts!

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In order to be eligible for the Hackathon you have to follow certain rules.

  1. The solution needs to make use of Waylay's automation and NLP capabilities.

  2. You are allowed to reuse any code, library, hardware or external software within legal boundaries.

  3. Submissions need to be in before 6 April 18:00.

  4. Teams can be any size.

Judging criteria

These are the criteria you will be judged upon.

  1. Business aspect: Business potential of the use case

  2. Creativity: How novel and out of the box is the solution?

  3. Technical complexity: How complex is the solution?

  4. Usefulness: How practical is your solution to use?

Meet the Speakers

Casey Bison

Head of Product at BluBracket

Rob Tiffany

Founder and Managing Director Digital Insights

Dejan Dimic

Engineering Manager at Glovo

Yves Peirsman

NLP Town Founder & Natural Language Processing Expert

Get to know the Judges

Rob van Kranenburg

Chief Innovation Officer at Asvin.io

Haithem Afli

Computer Science lecturer at MTU Cork

Michael Hausenblas

Solution Engineering Lead at AWS

Sander Vanhove

Community Manager at Waylay IO


Here you will find answers to the most commonly-asked questions

What is a Hackathon?
What are the prizes?
Am I required to use a specific technology?
Where can I get support?
How can I be eligible for the Hackathon
Is there a dataset?
How much does the hackathon cost?
Do we need to register our team somewhere?
Do I need to be a developer to participate?
Who keeps the intellectual property of the solution?
Does our submission video need to be professional?

Not finding the answer to your question? Then, contact us! or post your question in our forum.

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