Is the serverless promise being fulfilled?

According to the industry, the serverless adoption is hampered by two main impediments.

  1. Architectural complexity: tracing, debugging, observability, deployment
  2. Fear of losing control, weak security, vendor lock in...

The O'Reilly serverless survey shows there are multiple roadblocks, holding the adoption of serverless back to moving forward.

Regardless what database we are using, what cloud functions is being used, we still need an orchestrator, to bring order in this process.

Serverless adoption is hitting walls when building more serious applications. The current disadvantages are enough to make developers stray away from adopting serverless.

All we need is a STAR orchestrator, that merges data streams whilst not messing up logic interpretation.

Veselin Pizurica has presented following presentation on the Serverless Architecture Conference in April 2021.