Waylay has joined the ServiceNow Partner Program to enhance service organizations' asset management through its Digital Twin platform, improving asset performance, reducing costs, and promoting carbon neutrality.

Ghent, Belgium – February 13, 2023: Waylay, the pioneering tech firm revolutionizing the way enterprises tackle their digital transformation challenges through its cutting-edge hyperautomation solutions, has announced it has joined the ServiceNow Partner Program to help businesses to automate and boost their field service operations, in energy, industrial, transportation and telecom markets. 


Under the partner program, Waylay will be empowering service organizations using ServiceNow for asset management with its Digital Twin platform to resolve connected asset issues faster, improve asset performance visibility, and evolve from reactive to proactive service delivery, saving millions in the process and helping service operations become more carbon neutral.

“Waylay's Digital Twin technology perfectly complements ServiceNow, by adding a new offering a unique and innovative approach to streamlining processes, which results in unlocking material new levels of efficiency, said Tom Van Leeuwen, VP of Product Management for Waylay, and one of the instrumental team members who helped make the partnership and strategic investment transpire. “With its real-time data insights and automated decision-making capabilities, Waylay empowers ServiceNow users to drive digital transformation and stay ahead of the curve.”

“At Waylay, we are honored to partner with ServiceNow and we will now bring everyone to the next level of Automation in Field Operations heralding unprecedented  new value to businesses seeking to revolutionize their operations,” said Waylay CEO Leonard Donnelly. “Our Digital Twin solution represents the future of work and lightning fast remediation which will now enable teams to automate and optimize their processes like never before. 

"ServiceNow is the gold standard for enterprise service management and we are honored to bring our Digital Twin platform to their end users,” said Veselin Pizurica, Waylay COO and co-founder. “I am confident that our solution will deliver tremendous value to organizations looking to drive digital transformation and improve their operations. With DT’s real-time data insights and powerful automation capabilities, Waylay is the ideal partner for ServiceNow customers who are seeking to stay ahead in an ever-changing digital landscape." 

About Waylay – Just Automate It.

Waylay is a Belgium-based technology company providing progressive orchestration and automation platforms for businesses to easily and quickly automate anything and everything. Our low-code solution is a fundamentally new way to rapidly build automation, workflows and complex rules to integrate into an existing complex ecosystem of software applications and in combination of IoT devices, sensors and other smart systems while putting the human at the heart of business logic. Our intelligent platforms are based on the principles of AI, ML and big data and are designed to be flexible and scalable, making our suite of products—Enterprise, Digital Twin, Edge and Lite—suitable for a wide range of industries and use cases. Waylay is headquartered in Ghent with growing teams in EMEA, AMER and APAC. To learn more, visit Waylay.io and follow Waylay on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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