Manage your connected assets end-to-end to empower your digital factory transformation

Unleash the true value of connected assets on the manufacturing floor with Waylay’s low-code orchestration, automation and analytics software.

Discrete manufacturing is often a highly automated operation and combines several series of individual machines that generate an impressive amount of valuable data when they are connected. Waylay provides the tools to collect the data from the manufacturing floor to provide real-time visibility on all assets and equipment involved. Waylay integrates the different data flows and analyses thyme to generate alarm when anomalies are detected or to initiate preventive and predictive maintenance work flows. 

Machine builders have the unique opportunity to look beyond their standalone product offering and propose value-added services that focus on the business goals of their customers. They can improve service support by making use of remote monitoring to track machine health and performance. Moreover, Waylay provides a flexible visualisation dashboard that can be white labeled and templated to fit your customers' specific requirements. In a next stage, the opportunity to move to a Product-as-a-Service business model is within close reach.

At Waylay, we offer machine builders and OEMs an loT platform with built-in integration with lloT gateways for easy data capture and a full set of software tools for automation, analytics and asset and process monitoring, that accelerate loT solution development. 

Manage your connected assets end-to-end to empower your digital factory transformation

Waylay helps companies to achieve a holistic view on manufacturing data and orchestrates data collection, integration, automation and analysis to optimize business information flows and manufacturing execution. Waylay’s data orchestration solution improves all aspects of production and commerce across the manufacturing company's boundaries for greater efficiency.

Digital Twins for Salesforce

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Asset usage monitoring to trigger sales opportunities

IoT enabled assets often have contract usage limitations. Meaning that the customer is paying/leasing the asset based on usage. Waylay can create rules that validate the asset’s IoT telemetry against the customer’s contract (in Salesforce).


A connected backup power generator is leased to a customer for a volume of 10,000 machine hours. First, users can define a rule in Waylay Digital Twin, which monitors the daily usage. This rule then generates a Waylay Alarm Record of type ‘Usage Alarm’ when the total accumulated use reaches 90% of the contractual limit. Next, the user can then associate a Salesforce Flow to this event to create an opportunity record for the Sales team to negotiate a contract extension.

Smart asset uptime monitoring & service level agreement validation

The uptime statistics of an asset is often a key criterion for service support interventions. With Waylay, users can define smart rules that validate the asset’s IoT telemetry against the customer’s service level agreement.


If the asset is online but generates error messages, users can define a rule in the Waylay platform that creates Waylay Alarms, any type of‘ Asset Error’. Those records can then be analyzed to generate a downtime record that would impact the availibility statistics of the asset. Optimize helpdesk support through remote asset diagnostics. Call center agents initiate asset telemetry diagnosis to produce real-time actionable recommendations on how to solve diagnosed asset problems.