Monitor your mining and construction equipment and vehicles and improve your OEE.

Streamline oil, mining, gas or construction operations with asset and equipment monitoring and tracking.

Waylay helps businesses to monitor, track and optimize all assets involved - from heavy equipment to vehicles. Our data orchestration tool pinpoints and eliminates the wasteful practices that reduce business revenue and increases productivity with automated reports and dashboarding, anomaly detection, alarm escalation, etc.

Waylay interprets data to reveal profit-generating tactics in the heavy machinery rental business and generate new revenue streams based on SLA validation and condition based maintenance. 

The equipment can be monitored and its critical operational parameters can be optimized by creating visibility on speed control, optimizing fuel consumption, supervision of vehicle operator, early warnings on imminent accidents, TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system)

Monitor your mining and construction equipment and vehicles and improve your OEE.

Waylay monitors, tracks and optimizes all heavy equipment and vehicles involved in mining and construction for operational analytics, condition based maintenance and SLA validation.

Digital Twins for Salesforce

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Condition-based maintenance plans

Dispatching maintenance engineers based on recurring time-based maintenance schedules is more efficient with IoT enabled assets. With Waylay you are able to assess when equipment needs maintenance, when it’s not functioning at its best efficiency point and when certain parts need replacement. Waylay can create rules that validate the IoT telemetry against asset type-specific or plant-specific acceptance thresholds. If the asset is consistently running outside the acceptable ranges, a maintenance intervention can be expedited. When Waylay has generated various ‘Production Failure Alarms’ for an asset in the last few days, then Salesforce Service Cloud et al. can prioritize the work schedules for the Engineers.

Asset usage monitoring to trigger sales opportunities

IoT enabled assets often have contract usage limitations. Meaning that the customer is paying/leasing the asset based on usage. Waylay can create rules that validate the asset’s IoT telemetry against the customer’s contract (in Salesforce).


A connected backup power generator is leased to a customer for a volume of 10,000 machine hours. First, users can define a rule in Waylay Digital Twin, which monitors the daily usage. This rule then generates a Waylay Alarm Record of type ‘Usage Alarm’ when the total accumulated use reaches 90% of the contractual limit. Next, the user can then associate a Salesforce Flow to this event to create an opportunity record for the Sales team to negotiate a contract extension.

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor your valuable machines, buildings or assets to predict when certain parts should be maintained or interchanged. Yet for many companies in manufacturing, there is still a gap on predictive and preventive maintenance, and managing the maintenance of machines and equipment asks for a disruptive move. Using Waylay's powerful rules engine to monitor the data coming from these resources, businesses stay ahead of the competition by providing a sublime maintenance service, mitigating asset failure risk and avoiding unexpected production stops. Knowing what part will fail reduces wasted time for both clients and the repair crew.