Waylay automates and simplifies complex processing industries.

Increase innovation velocity and kick-start new industrial business models with little effort and minimal risk.

Waylay’s offering is packed with ready-to-use blocks, yet fully open to extend and innovate in all processing industries such as oil & gas, pharma, steel production, energy & power generation, chemical & refining, food & beverage.

System integrators in the processing industries experience huge variations in the use cases between different verticals when providing IT/OT solutions to their end customers. Waylay’s low code environment, combined with the high level of abstraction, tremendously speeds up delivery cycles, by benefiting from a templated approach for different industries and assets, and the concept of reusable soft sensors. 

Equipment manufacturers can offer outcome-based service contracts that rely on access to digital twin data and enable a service-oriented business model based on servitization of equipment with preventive and predictive maintenance to reduce support calls, avoid truck rolls and boost the efficiency of their field service organization.

Waylay has bundled its experience from working with enterprise customers in processing industries to offer proven solutions at greatly reduced risk and cost that others can only promise in slide decks.

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