Waylay for smart equipment and Equipment as a Service

Waylay provides the orchestration, automation and analytics software to OEMs to create new business models and offer Equipment as a Service

Apart from the two basic equipment business models for OEMs - provision of the machine and after-sales services - Waylay provides additional services for OEMs who want to extend their business with smart equipment. 

Smart equipment for OEMs

Waylay offers machine builders and OEMs an loT and data to data platform with built-in integration with lloT gateways for easy data capture and a full set of software tools for automation, analytics and asset and process monitoring, that accelerate loT solution development. Moreover, we provide a flexible vizualisation dashboard that can be white labeled and templated to fit your customers' specific requirements.

Preventive and predictive maintenance will result in selling original spare parts and optimized field service. Anomaly detection will pro-actively provision warranty agreements and sustain performance based SLA services. The addition of advanced after-sales services for smart equipment can initiate important new revenue generating business models and Waylay has a single tool to address the challenge.

Waylay offers a low-code solution for connected equipment and provides an answer to equipment analytics, fault detection and proactive maintenance. 

EaaS... finally!

When OEMs no longer sell equipment, but move towards the Equipment as a Service offering, customer retention increases significantly. When existing equipment reaches end of life, the sales opportunity becomes visible and part of an ongoing customer relationship. OEMs can ultimately support their customers to reduce production risks and costs.

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