Be smart about your smart building solutions

Make your way through the data labyrinth of modern buildings. Waylay offers smart building solution providers a powerful low-code platform that simplifies & accelerates smart building solution development

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Waylay enables customers to:

  • collect data about buildings from multiple disparate systems
  • turn the data into actionable insights
  • use the insights to automatically trigger relevant business processes for any smart building use case- from energy efficiency to asset monitoring and maintenance

Automated monitoring in Salesforce via monitoring rules
Automated monitoring in Salesforce via monitoring rules

Automated building data collection, validation and processing

Waylay enables technology providers to capture the value that new wireless sensor technology brings to smart buildings, by enabling automated data collection and processing. Managers can analyse data in real-time and consolidate information from disparate systems to gain insights into how spaces are used in real-time or what is the true energy consumption of the building at any given time.


Automated building asset monitoring

Waylay helps you break away from “eyes-on-the-glass” solutions that require precious resources in developing and maintaining passive dashboards. In contrast, with Waylay you can move to a truly intelligent monitoring solution that auto-detects relevant insights – anomalies, trends, patterns – and delivers them to your users in real-time.

Ready to use energy consumption analytics

Waylay provides a continuous and automated energy consumption analytics platform that aggregates and analyses data from multi-vendor energy consuming equipment, integrates with BIM and BMS systems and enables facility managers to increase energy efficiency. Leverage our pre-built data models and customize them with your own use cases.

Automate with Waylay

Key Benefits of Waylay for

Smart Buildings

Connect your OT to your IT

  • Enable your disparate systems to talk to each other through Waylay’s smart automation layer
  • Integrate data from multiple different sources 
  • Trigger actions on any notification channel

Accelerate your time to value

  • Reduce your go to market from months or even years to days or weeks
  • Pre-built smart building templates ready to customize
  • Library of smart building connectors ready to use
  • Drag and drop low-code and no-code interfaces

Bring your teams together

  • A single collaborative intelligence platform
  • Empowers non-technical business users such as building managers to create powerful business workflows with data without the need to write any code
  • Provides software engineers with a full suite of automation tools to build software apps faster and iterate on the go
  • Enables data scientists to quickly operationalize their ML models and see their AI enterprise solutions in production

Increase innovation velocity

  • Scalable horizontal technology
  • Future-proof platform, scales alongside your business
  • Add millions of connected devices any time
  • Deploy hundreds of use cases across different verticals
  • Accommodate the needs of multiple business departments
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Simplify and accelerate ML model deployment

Waylay offers AI teams an intuitive workflow automation environment that seamlessly integrates with any external ML tooling to ingest, host, validate, test and execute ML models and apps across all assets in real time. It empowers data scientists, data engineers and business analysts to quickly validate ML models in the field and operationalize their AI efforts at scale. 

Automated monitoring in Salesforce via monitoring rules

Discover Our Use Cases

Building Equipment Monitoring

Access real-time and historical data for critical building systems, including ventilation, air handling units, boilers, intrusion detection and more. Combining multiple input sources from BMS and core building systems for automating alerts and case creation in IT systems e.g. maintenance dispatching, cleaning services, building security...

Occupancy Management

See current and past occupancy data for individual spaces, meeting rooms and offices or for an entire building. Ensuring visitor and employee safety via occupant and social distancing detection. Occupancy sensors, air quality monitoring and wearable social distancing devices can mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in any room via automation alerts to inform any visitor when the risk of (Covid-19) contamination is increasing. Also enabling to manage cleaning services and ventilation in a more efficient and safe way.

Air Quality Monitoring

Monitoring Air Quality will remain in the post-Covid-19 world. Waylay helps creating more awareness by alerting attendants when a room has a high CO2 ppm concentration or when too many people are in the same room. Building maintenance and cleaning services receive real-time data and alarms when air quality thresholds are exceeded. Ventilation and airconditioning systems automatically start refreshing the air when the right conditions are met and preserve a good air quality. Waylay can provide building management systems insights on the number of present people, humidity, temperature, battery level of sensors, CO2 ppm... Customer-facing dashboards provide your visitors with the safety information at all times.

Emergency systems

Emergency building systems can help manage your building to prevent extensive damage for the building and its visitors. Via automatic door control, sprinkler control management and adaptive HVAC systems larger disasters can be avoided. Automatically guiding visitors to the safest exit point during emergencies or lock down the facility and raise silent alarms upon an intrusion detection.

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