The customer

MCS (Mixe Communication Solutions BV) is a Benelux manufacturer and distributor of M2M gateways and hardware and a supplier of private communication and IoT networks such as private LoRa, GSM/GPRS and LTE, serving both end-customers and system integrators for 20 years. MCS has over one million IoT devices operational, powering applications in domains as diverse as building management, energy monitoring and intelligent traffic and parking.

The business need

MCS was looking at extending its offering in the IoT space beyond the hardware and connectivity and into software and applications, so that their customers benefit from a complete solution for their IoT needs. This would also enable MCS to expand their customer base and position for IoT towards a larger market.

With a strong customer focus, MCS started from the challenges their customers were facing, especially in the earlier stages of their IoT projects, and was driven by the idea that their customers should be able to easily get started and quickly see the benefits of their IoT projects. To this end, MCS looked for a partner with a flexible and powerful platform that was already aligned with the technology stack and the products that MCS was selling, to serve as the foundation of their integrated IoT solution offering.

Furthermore, looking at their initiatives on the longer term, it was important to MCS to make sure that they choose a platform that does not limit them in the use cases it enables, and that provides advanced-enough capabilities to be able to take on a broad variety of requirements.

The solution

MCS has chosen to use Waylay’s PaaS for IoT, that proved to offer the right tools and flexibility for MCS specialists to come up with the desired end-to-end IoT solutions for their customers.

By using the device-vendor agnostic Waylay platform, MCS can offer their customers the freedom to use best-in class IoT hardware devices. Off-the-shelf integration with public and private LoRa and with Sigfox made it easily fit into the MCS ecosystem.

Although not used in the earliest phases of IoT projects, MCS recognized that Waylay’s highly advanced digital automation and integration capabilities would be fundamental in the long term and the key production stage differentiator.

As the platform is offered as a managed service, MCS and its customers can focus on their solutions and scale at the pace of their business – from proof of concepts to large scale roll-outs.



Following their collaboration with Waylay, MCS has launched the ITalks IoT Suite, which is serving a rapidly growing number of customers that are delighted by the ease of use and benefit from the reduced complexity of getting started with IoT.

The benefits of choosing the Waylay platform:

  • Fast time to market
  • Cost effective solution
  • An enterprise grade, secure platform
  • Multi-tenant platform that makes it easy for MCS to manage their customers
  • B2B off-the-shelf data visualization dashboard for MCS customers
  • White-labeling available for MCS end-customers
  • Advanced digital automation and integration functionality