Ghent, Belgium, September 19, 2016 – Waylay, an award-winning provider of IoT orchestration software has been officially certified by Sigfox, and has received the “Sigfox-ready” status. Waylay now integrates seamlessly with the Sigfox back-end servers and it is straightforward to onboard Sigfox compatible devices in the Waylay platform.

“I’m excited that Waylay received the “Sigfox Ready” status. Providing off-the-shelf integration into Sigfox and becoming part of the Sigfox partner network is a great step forward.” - Piet Vandaele, Waylay CEO

Sigfox provides a dedicated wireless network technology for low bandwidth IoT applications. Thanks to its low connectivity cost, zero-touch provisioning and long battery life times, it opens up a range of new opportunities for example in logistics applications. Enabling automation and real-time visibility on the status of remote assets allows detecting unexpected behaviour, improving planning, better reporting and overall efficiency improvements.

Enterprises that want to take advantage need the capability to seamlessly integrate the Sigfox data with their existing processes and IT systems, and that’s exactly what Waylay’s technology allows them to do. In addition, Waylay’s powerful API allows to create custom dashboard and apps to visualize the captured data.

“Waylay provides enterprises with orchestration tools that allow integrating Sigfox with enterprise IT assets, hence reaping the full operational benefits that Sigfox provides. The technology is applicable across multiple application domains including logistics, smart cities, energy and smart metering. We are convinced that Sigfox’ global coverage will help accelerate Waylay’s international expansion.” Vandaele added.

About Waylay

Founded in 2014 – Waylay is an ISV founded by a team with a track record of building successful B2B SW products. Waylay is an award-winning SW solution that takes an application-centric approach to IoT. Waylay offers an IoT service orchestration platform that combines data across IoT verticals and provides a richer integration between IoT solutions, enterprise IT systems and cloud services.

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