Waylay Digital Twin is a Salesforce composite app available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Waylay Digital Twin is a SaaS application for Salesforce business users that bridges between the IoT/OT world and Salesforce. Under the hood, it leverages the ultra-scalable and performant Waylay PaaS automation technology.

The Waylay Digital Twin app provides the following key benefits:

  1. Digital twin functionality: It binds Salesforce assets to physical assets.
  2. It enables automated asset monitoring through intuitive, yet powerful, real-time monitoring rules.
  3. It brings visibility on live asset conditions to Salesforce and allows triggering business processes through configurable Salesforce flows such as customer case & work order creation, opportunity creation, etc.

Discover the Waylay Digital Twin marketing resources to empowers asset managers & asset service personnel to create digital twins, to configure condition-based monitoring rules for their IoT enabled assets, and to boost asset performance visibility from within the Salesforce environment.

Waylay Digital Twin resources

Read the the Waylay Digital Twin brochure with use cases for asset monitoring & predictive maintenance

Explore the Waylay Digital Twin customer presentationand find out how to improve your asset visibility in Salesforce.

Discover our Waylay Digital Twin App – Installation instructions to help you get started with the application.