Smart alarms for fewer false positives and peace of mind

Advanced multi-source data processing and analytics to improve the accuracy of your alarms.

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Anomaly detection and alarm generation

Providing a real-time view of the actual state of assets, asset alarms and asset environmental conditions is extremely powerful. Anomaly detection that generates alarms for is a key feature to avoid spills, loss and down time and to minimize the impact of outages.

False alarms can have a serious negative impact on business, consuming precious resources and decreasing customer satisfaction. With alarms being raised when anomalies are detected, ensuring a robust baseline for anomaly detection is critical.

Native & open alarm service
Automated alarm handling logic
Advanced TS analytics alarm modeling

Waylay provides data processing and analytics software that is used to create high-quality anomaly detection and prediction baselines for smart alarm management. Operators then use the analytical predictions to define, acknowledge, resolve and clear smart alerts.

Smart alarms for fewer false positives and peace of mind

Advanced multi-source data processing and analytics to improve the accuracy of your alarms.

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Asset usage monitoring to trigger sales opportunities

IoT enabled assets often have contract usage limitations. Meaning that the customer is paying/leasing the asset based on usage. Waylay can create rules that validate the asset’s IoT telemetry against the customer’s contract (in Salesforce).


A connected backup power generator is leased to a customer for a volume of 10,000 machine hours. First, users can define a rule in Waylay Digital Twin, which monitors the daily usage. This rule then generates a Waylay Alarm Record of type ‘Usage Alarm’ when the total accumulated use reaches 90% of the contractual limit. Next, the user can then associate a Salesforce Flow to this event to create an opportunity record for the Sales team to negotiate a contract extension.

Asset hierarchy alarm escalation for efficient crew dispatching

In some cases, physical assets perform a function in collaboration with other assets. For example, in the HVAC market, an HVAC installation comprises many different appliances that are chained together in a parent-child relationship. Therefore, when the Waylay Rules Engine generates Waylay Alarms for certain devices, these can have a common root cause, located at a related asset, e.g. the parent. This information is paramount for efficient maintenance crew dispatching, often because the appliances may be spread out in a building complex. Knowing where to go to fix the issue saves valuable time.

Valve leakage

Ensuring safe operation of valves in the processing industries to maintain a constant throughput of the resource. By monitoring valves to identify cavitation, sticky valves or valve seat leakage based on customized parameters and Machine Learning. The Waylay Platform can provide better insights and offer automated asset provisioning, valve failure detection, predict bearing failures and optimize asset maintenance. All while being able to share your rules, results and alarms with your customers via a customer facing dashboard.