Smart alarms for fewer false positives and peace of mind

Advanced multi-source data processing and analytics to improve the accuracy of your alarms

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Anomaly detection and alarm generation

Providing a real-time view of the actual state of assets, asset alarms and asset environmental conditions is extremely powerful. Anomaly detection that generates alarms for is a key feature to avoid spills, loss and down time and to minimize the impact of outages.

False alarms can have a serious negative impact on business, consuming precious resources and decreasing customer satisfaction. With alarms being raised when anomalies are detected, ensuring a robust baseline for anomaly detection is critical.

Native & open alarm service
Automated alarm handling logic
Advanced TS analytics alarm modeling

Waylay provides data processing and analytics software that is used to create high-quality anomaly detection and prediction baselines for smart alarm management. Operators then use the analytical predictions to define, acknowledge, resolve and clear smart alerts.

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