Configurable IoT dashboards empower data insights

Accelerate the time to market of new use cases by easily delivering self-service, customizable and KPI-centric apps to non-developer teams

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Visualize real-time data, analytical insights and contextual information

More than visualization, Waylay offers a smarter, easier way to work with IoT data.

The Waylay UI Designer is an off-the-shelf, multi-tenant dashboarding application built on top of the Waylay automation platform. Abstract away the complexity of the underlying tech, while still empowering customers to benefit from its capabilities.
Waylay provides a flexible visualization dashboard that can be white labeled and templated to fit your customers' specific requirements.

Drag & drop widget-based interface
Visualization of real-time and offline data
Graph visualization of analytical insights
Self-configuration of asset and their KPIs

IoT data collected from connected asset s and equipment provide valuable insights but to get to its full exploit, companies need to move beyond dashboard monitoring. Data is a company’s crude oil, but needs refining to extract its true gold. The first step is collecting data, visualizing it, building dashboards and creating alarms in order to provide tech people with access and visibility on what is happening with the equipment.
Waylay provides the tools to easily create useage & consumption dashboards with real-time monitoring, anomaly detection and alarm escalation in a customizable user portal.

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