Automate root-cause analysis and correctly diagnose remote assets

Analyze data from disparate systems to identify the real cause of IoT alarms and to automatically suggest corrective actions

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Remote diagnosis to optimize field service

Waylay's technology collects data from connected assets using sensors and monitoring systems, integrates and analyzes the data to increase operating efficiency, optimize energy usage, maximize yield, report anomalies, improve safety etc. Waylay adds an additional layer of intelligence to tie all data together by providing remote diagnosis to optimize field service, maintenance and alarm escalation.

Alarms signal unexpected events in the performance of your connected assets or processes but don’t provide much context regarding the underlying causes. Determining what caused the issues is usually time-intensive manual work, requiring reviewing and correlating many disparate parameters.

Detect false alarms
Improve fault resolution time
Reduce manual work
Avoid maintenance truck rolls

Waylay provides automated data processing and analysis for higher alarm accuracy, reducing false positives. Domain experts are empowered to implement automated data cleansing, data quality flagging and alarm handling rules to determine root cause issues across systems.

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