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How To Choose a Rules Engines

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How To Choose a Rules Engine: Seven Things to Look at When Automating for IoT

IoT application development involves working across multiple dimensions, combining streaming data with data at rest to connect physical products with people and business processes.

Building logic by configuring rules straight into your code is suboptimal, and using a rules engine may alleviate the problems, if the engine meets a number of core capabilities that respond to the specific requirements of IoT.

When evaluating any new tool, it’s good practice to look at how powerful it is (its depth of functionality), how easy it is to use (its level of complexity) and how ready it is to support your future needs (based on your growth trajectory and features you may need).

In this paper, we have defined a testing benchmark composed of seven core rules engine capabilities, to help you evaluate rules engines when looking at automating for IoT.

Download this paper for a detailed description of each of the seven criteria with examples of why they matter for IoT.

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