Data collection and data validation

The IoT is not a greenfield situation, in real life, it is brownfield and businesses need to combine data from different sources to get to the right outcome

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Ingest and intelligently process data from any IoT or IT source system

Data sources are diverse and can originate from IoT, OT and IT information.

Sensors or IoT gateways provide large amounts of data that live in IoT platforms, IT environments collect information from ERP systems and asset management systems, OT gathers data through SCADA systems and finally, the data influx from analytics and machine learning algorithms can complete the IoT data abundance. Only if we can ingest, process and combine this plethora of data in a flexible and automated way, we can generate relevant and actionable results.

Collect and ingest data from any data generating environment
Data is normalized according to application/use case/ industry needs
Validated data is delivered into a strong automation platform

Connected assests generate an impressive amount of valuable data. Waylay provides the tools to collect and integrate the data from the most diverse data flows to provide real-time visibility on all assets and equipment, to generate alarm when anomalies are detected or to initiate preventive and predictive maintenance work flows. 

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