Move from traditional equipment selling to offering Equipment as a Service

Business models shift towards a subscription economy. Instead of purchasing equipment, companies start subscribing to services that provided this equipment and assets and services. Customers want outcomes, not necessarily ownership.

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EaaS, finally

Equipment-as-a-Service, EaaS, takes a step beyond traditional service contracts and offers both a different financial model and more effective operations based on SLAs. The EaaS model is provided by the manufacturing company who is responsible for maintenance, service, consumables and spare parts. Even availability and output can be guaranteed. This is where Waylay comes in.

Remote and real-time equipment monitoring
Anomaly and alarm reporting
Preventive & predictive maintenance
SLA validation

Asset condition monitoring, remote diagnostics, SLA validation, conditional & preventive maintenance, alarm management, field service crew optimization and eventually EaaS - Equipment As A Service.

Equipment manufacturers can offer outcome-based service contracts that rely on access to digital twin data and enable a service-oriented business model based on servitization of equipment with preventive and predictive maintenance to reduce support calls, avoid truck rolls and boost the efficiency of their field service organization.

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