Predict and prevent asset and equipment failures. Optimize field service and improve process yield.

Uncover trends by analyzing historical IoT asset data with Waylay’s next-generation time-series analytics.

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Preventive and predictive maintenance

Preventive and predictive maintenance tap the true power of digital twin creation, big data analysis, and dynamic asset management. Yet for many companies in manufacturing, and more specifically in the processing industry, there is still a gap, and managing the maintenance of machines and equipment asks for a disruptive move.

Waylay enables equipment builders and manufacturers to mitigate asset failure risk and avoid unexpected stops in production. With Waylay time series analytics, enterprises process asset data through next-generation statistical models to uncover new insights.

The Waylay data orchestration and analytics platform has been successfully applied across many branches of the processing industries, such as oil and gas, refined chemicals, power generation, and steel production. All Waylay powered solutions have one thing in common: insights through intelligent information processing.

Reduce asset downtime & operational costs
Identify high-risk assets before they fail
Streamline & optimize maintenance workflows

Thanks to Waylay’s automation & integration capabilities, maintenance planners can prioritize, plan and manage maintenance schedules based on the analytical predictions, straight in the customer’s existing work order management systems.

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