Secure your converged OT/IT systems through automation

Automate threat detection and response and minimize MTTD and MTTR. Leverage ML and real-time automation to supercharge your SOAR

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The new world of IIoT and OT/IT convergence comes with increased cybersecurity risks. The air-gap between IT and Operational Technology (OT) systems is now a thing of the past. Deploying firewalls at the intersection of OT and IT is not enough.

Automated monitoring in Salesforce via monitoring rules
Automated monitoring in Salesforce via monitoring rules

Give your teams the best tools to tackle cybersecurity risks 

People are key in reducing MTTD and MTTR. Waylay offers intelligent automation tools to help teams improve incident detection and response rates. Waylay’s AI/ML enables advanced pattern recognition and anomaly detection on time series data, for a wide range of security and attack prevention scenarios. All of it in near real-time thanks to the platform's support for serverless functions.


Automate with Waylay

Key Benefits of Waylay for


Reduce attack detection time (MTTD)

  • run User and Network behavior analysis ML models 
  • increase security event detection capacity with serverless functions
  • analyze and learn from SIEM, EDR, NDR data using patented real-time data analytics and threat detection models

Reduce attack dwell time

  • continuous monitoring for attack vectors
  • run machine learning models
  • take proactive actions

Reduce attack response time (MTTR)

  • create smart alerts
  • enrich with threat context
  • select the best playbooks

Isolate compromised assets

  • Locate assets under attack
  • Isolate attacked assets from the server and connected counterparts
  • Waylay OT-IT SOAR Automation brings attacked assets offline
  • Keep other assets online and avoid infrastructure downtime
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Supercharge your SOAR

Waylay's low-code automation platform and patented rules engine provide intelligent threat detection and automated response capabilities that augment existing SIEM and SOAR systems.

Automated monitoring in Salesforce via monitoring rules

Discover Our Use Cases

Insider Threat Detection - IP Theft

A recently disgruntled employee from an Energy company attempts to download several sensitive files before leaving the company.

SIEMs monitor file system events, alerts and IAM Access Logs. SOARS execute playbooks. Via API the Waylay platform creates or enriches incidents and tasks. Upon detecting anomaly with number of file downloads on a weekend it will raise alerts and create incidents to mitigate adverse effects and drive next action. Waylay’s BYOML hosts trained UEBA** ML models to monitor user behavior and can run a selected playbook to take remediation action.

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