Take the leap to 5G through automation

Automate Engineering and Network Operation RAN Processes. Orchestrate E2E service provisioning. Low-code rule-based and ML automation software for telecom engineers and business users.

As service providers are trailing ahead into the brave new world of 5G, they encounter difficult challenges ahead. Legacy infrastructure and architectures slow down the pace of innovation. Automation is vital in ensuring success for telecom operators in the new reality of IoT and 5G. Waylay provides unparalleled automation software to help you succeed. 

Why Automation in Telecom?

Automation is the only technology that allows you to respond to increasingly complex market dynamics and to establish and maintain your competitive advantage.

We are in the dawn of a new reality in Telecom networks. In this new era, automation is not an option, it’s mandatory

Deloitte, The Age of Telecom Network Automation

Automate with Waylay

Key Benefits of Waylay for


Reduce cost & complexity

  • Leverage Waylay’s purpose built low-code automation & orchestration platform for intelligent data management and proactive actions based on user intent and outcomes
  • Faster time-to-market with Waylay’s next-gen DevOps pipeline reducing installation & deployment time on cloud or on-premise
  • Simplified license cost of Waylay platform & resources used and discounts with scale

Reduce downtime & increase reliability

  • Eliminate service performance degradation and reliability issues with Waylay’s microservices based horizontally scalable streaming data platform
  • Leverage Waylay’s flexible high performance rules engine to create proactive alerts and dispatch closed loop actions for case management, billing and other business systems
  • Allow Enterprises to have clear visibility on their purchased services

Maintain security and regulatory compliance

  • Stay ahead of data privacy and security compliance – GDPR in EU and Data Protection Guidelines in the USA
  • Hardened and secured Waylay application and data management servers to stay ahead of cybersecurity attacks

Outperform with added value

  • Represent critical assets using Waylay digital twin and detect anomalies in service performance & SLA breaches
  • Leverage high-fidelity data in Waylay data archive to train machine learning models
  • Build, train and operate BYOML models for Service degradations & anomalies, SLA violations, cyber security, predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics

Why should you automate?

By automating engineering and operational tasks, you gain increased consistency, efficiency and accuracy, ultimately leading to cost reductions and improved customer experience via network and service performance.

Waylay provides the right mix of ML and rule-based automation power tools and ready-made templates to accelerate your digital transformation from CSP to DSP (Digital Service Provider).

Automated monitoring in Salesforce via monitoring rules

Discover Our Use Cases

5G real-time analysis

Malfunctions in factory floor operations prompt real-time analysis and resolution.

The adequate solution involves a proactive instant service alerts and closed loop action with real-time visibility for faster diagnosis and resolution

Providing following benefits faster diagnosis and resolution of factory floor machine performance, cost savings and better user experience.

5G factory floor operations

Factory floor operations experience impact from network glitches of switches.

Waylay can solve this problem via proactive instant service alerts and closed loop action with real-time traffic rerouting to guarantee service performance and SLA.

Allowing customers realtime visibility, diagnosis and resolution of factory floor network performance, cost savings and better user experience.

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