What is TinyAutomator?

As you probably know, there are many companies doing edge computing. So far, Waylay is best known for its phenomenal automation stack deployed in the cloud, but what about the Edge ?

The core concepts of edge computing can be broken down along computation lines i.e. the key threshold domain as to whether to do distributed or centralized computing. Further, one of the current trends in edge computing is to divide edge computing between “thin” and “thick”. Waylay for its part has been doing some novel re-thinking here:

Waylay has decided not to call our local edge “thin edge”, since most of the thin edge solutions are focused on protocol and payload aggregation, sometimes local stream processing, and eventual “data push” to the cloud. In some instances, that would be accompanied by an ML processing engine. 

As an IT-OT automation leader, we decided to call our solution TinyAutomator. 

Now with Waylay TinyAutomator in your hands you can get familiar with superior automation experience and create your own automaton scenarios on your Raspberry PI, or run everything locally on your laptop. 

Waylay TinyAutomator is composed of a few docker images that includes Waylay Console, Waylay Inference Engine, Resource service (digital twin) and embedded sandbox based on nodejs (in Waylay cloud offering cloud functions are based on OpenFaas).

For the time being (unlike the cloud offering), TinyAutomator is provided “as it is”, it is still in the experimental BETA phase. For all support, please use our forum https://forum.waylay.io/ . 

On this link you will find step-by-step instructions on how to install and run TinyAutomator. Once you have done it, please share your experience with us! Create your own automation rules, push data and enjoy the simplicity and easiness of the Waylay platform. 

Where do you go from here?

In case you need an inspiration, please check our documentation site: https://docs-io.waylay.io/#/ . There you can also find introduction videos, API description etc.. For all support questions, please use our forum, we will be happy to help!

Where does Waylay  go from here?

TinyAutomator life has only just started. While still in BETA, it already offers unprecedented automation capabilities for local edge processing. You can consider it as a “serverless orchestrator”, “IFTTT on steroids”, or a finite state machine with flow engine flavour - it is on you to decide. Just automate and have fun! 

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