Waylay will be present at IFA 2019 to show smart appliance vendors how to improve their customers’ experience

Waylay will showcase at IFA 2019 a complete set of tools that help smart appliance vendors achieve faster innovation cycles, faster time to market and operational scalability to a very large set of appliances.

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Connectivity in appliances continues to stand out as the main trend at IFA as the Smart Appliances market segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.4%, resulting in a market volume of US$48,588m by 2023 according to this market study.

With the pressure of delivering more value to customers (be that more features or increased ease of use), leading smart appliance vendors are looking at ways in which they can better leverage the opportunities brought by connectivity and data collection. Most of the use cases that vendors are busy with today revolve around collecting the data from the appliances, displaying it on internal IoT dashboards and external consumer mobile apps. Some vendors are also analysing long-term appliance usage data to identify areas for product improvement.

How can appliance vendors start using using IoT data to improve customer satisfaction?

There is little to no operational use right now of IoT data in the context of customer service or field support, even though this is where it’s easiest to see immediate business value. The reason why this is happening is primarily because there is a significant gap between the IoT systems managing the connected appliances and the enterprise’s back-end IT systems.

This is where Waylay helps out. Waylay will be at IFA to demonstrate how appliance vendors use the Waylay IoT automation platform to leverage IoT data for use cases such as:

By making IoT operational, teams start to see immediate benefits in improved customer service, optimized field support, better resource allocation and lower operational costs.

Visit the Waylay booth at IFA NEXT in Hall 26 to see how the Waylay IoT automation platform is used by smart appliance vendors to leverage their product data to improve the ROI from their IoT-enabled solutions.

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