Last week, we were at Unbound London as part of ChallengeUp!, the IoT accelerator by Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom. As one of the winners of ChallengeUp!, Waylay was invited to demo its platform and pitch at the conference.

Waylay showed the future of smart lighting at the demo booth. We steered lighting based on info retrieved from APIs and software applications, such as weather information, traffic intensity, time of day, warnings in case of accidents etc. The demo included a street light, powered over Ethernet (PoE). That means there is only one wire carrying both power and data. This street light was connected to a CISCO PoE switch. Waylay communicated with the smart street light over CoAP, using the switch as a CoAP proxy. CoAP is an IoT protocol aimed at very simple end devices. The application area of the setup extends beyond smart street lighting and covers indoor lighting and smart buildings as well. Many thanks to Gerd Pflueger from CISCO for the intense cooperation over the past months to make this demo a success!

We had a good flow of interesting discussions at the booth both with visitors and with Cisco, Deutsche Telekom and Intel executives.

On Monday, we also pitched in front of the conference audience and Waylay’s message was very well received. You can find our short slide deck here.

At the conference, we also won a ChallengeUp! Award and as you can see we are very happy with it!

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